PFEP100 A4 Press


I designed our FEP100 A4 press to satisfy the needs of print makers that are unlikely to ever work on larger plates. It has the same design characteristics as our large press i.e laser cut 12 mm sides, brass top crossbar, 75mm top roller, so it is not a toy. There is enough clearance between bed and top roller for 1” woodblock and it can handle any pressure applied. Top and bottom rollers are S1214 solid steal and turn on the best Japanese sealed bearings. The picture shows the FEP100 A4 mounted on the FEP100WS work station which is designed for the studio with limited space. All paper, tools, tubs. etc. can be stored in one place and finished prints can be pressed or stored conveniently and safely below the desk top. Custom built to suit the studio size and artists needs.

Retail price inc. G.S.T $2,617.00

(Price includes A4 press,  12 x 250 x 500 Steel bed,  Safety Strap and 500 diameter. Hand wheel)

Press specifications:

Press 275 wide x 400 long. Constructed from 12mm plate steel

Cross bars. 16mm zinc plated

Top cross bar. Brass with 5/8 screw.

Weight with bed and FEP1040 Hand wheel 36 klg’s


FEP108  500 x 600 Stand. With Australian Hardwood ply top. $496.99

FEP107 Castors. $123.75

FEP100WS Work Station 500 x 600. 2 Shelves,  $660.00

FEP101 P.V.C bed 15 x 230 x 500 Not Available

FEP102 Composite bed 20 x 250 x 500 $300.45

FEP103 Steel bed 12 x 230 x 500 $350.30

FEP109 Safety strap $20.00

see “Freight” for crate and packing info.