FEP500 Direct Drive Press

The FEP500 press is made from 12mm plate steel, laser cut for accuracy and a refined, good looking finish. All cross bars, t-bars and screws etc. are zinc plated and the top bar is made from brass.. All top rollers are 150mm in diameter and only the best Japanese sealed bearings are fitted to our presses.

Retail Price inc. GST. $3995.00

(price includes FEP500 Press,  800mm Diameter Hand Wheel, Safety Strap and 12 x 510 x 1000 Steel bed)

Options and Alternatives.

FEP505 Stand Fully Welded or flat pack for freight. $527.80

FEP109 Safety strap. 50mm.wide safety strap, easy to install. We don’t like to sell the steel beds without the strap, it’s a very low extra cost and whether you are a school or a private studio this will prevent the bed ever rolling off the press.

Price. $20.00

FEP506 Lower shelf. 12mm marine ply, fitted, screwed down and sealed with polyurethane for protection and easy cleaning. $129.75

A second shelf is also an option $120.00

FEP107 Castors. 2 rigid and 2 swivels with brakes rated at 125kg. per wheel. If you need to move the press at the end of a session you can leave everything as it is on the press and push it to the side. The castors are screwed on so if you ever decided to permanently fix the press to the floor, no problem.

Price. $123.75

see “Freight” for crate and packing info.