FEP420 A2 Etching press


The FEP402 is a deluxe version of the FEP400. It is substantially larger (800mm long x 420 wide) hence the 1000mm x 420 bed, and comes with a 90 Diameter, Solid steel top roller. The stand that goes with this model can also be fitted with castors, safety strap and a bottom shelf for storing tools etc. The FEP420 is made from 5mm x100 plated steel sides and solid steel,  top roller and 65mm bottom roller . Only the best Japanese bearings are used in the roller mechanism and all nuts and bolts are zinc plated.

Retail Price inc. GST. $3389.80

(Price includes FEP420 A2 Press,  800mm diameter Hand wheel , Safety Strap and 12 x 420x 1000  Steel bed)


FEP425 or FEP425F.P Stand. A fully welded stand or, if we are freighting the press to you, an easily assembled flat pack. The stand is designed so that each press is 90cm bed to ground height ,but if you have special requirements let us know and the stand can be customized to suit your needs. We provide the necessary tools for any assembling.

Price. $498.00

FEP421 PVC Bed. 420 x 1000 x 15mm , industrial grade PVC.fitted with brass stops


FEP422 Composite PVC Bed. 420 x 1000 x 15mm , industrial grade composite fitted with brass stops


FEP406 Lower shelf. 6mm marine ply, fitted, screwed down and sealed with polyurethane for protection and easy cleaning. $129.75

A second shelf is also an option $120.00

FEP107 Castors. 2 rigid and 2 swivels with brakes rated at 125kg. per wheel. If you need to move the press at the end of a session you can leave everything as it is on the press and push it to the side. The castors are screwed on so if you ever decided to permanently fix the press to the floor, no problem.

Price. $123.75

FEP109 Safety strap $20.00

see “Freight” for crate and packing info.